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Drinking Water Problems: Copper

High levels of copper in drinking water can cause health problems. This publication explains the effects of copper in water and methods of removing it. Read More →

Drinking Water Problems: Perchlorate

Methods of removing perchlorate from water are described and illustrated. There is information to help well owners select and maintain treatment systems. Read More →

Drinking Water Problems: Arsenic

This publication explains the symptoms of arsenic poisoning and common treatment methods for removing arsenic from your water supply. Read More →

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Liquid Chlorination

This publication explains the process, components, legal requirements, factors affecting performance, and maintenance needs of liquid chlorination systems. Read More →

Constructed Media Wetland

This publication explains the functions, characteristics, choices, configurations and maintenance needs for constructed wetland media. Read More →

Using Renewable Energy to Pump Water

This publication explains the advantages and disadvantages of using renewable energy sources, and methods to calculate your pumping requirements, and more! Read More →

Texas Rangeland Monitoring: Level Three

In this leaflet, you will learn techniques for monitoring processes such as nutrient cycling, energy flow and more! Read More →

Drinking Water Problems: Lead

This publication explains how lead can enter drinking water, how to have your water tested, and how to eliminate lead from drinking water. Read More →

Drinking Water Problems: Iron and Manganese

In this publication you’ll learn how to know whether your water contains iron or manganese and how to eliminate these contaminants. Read More →

Indicators of Rangeland Stream and Riparian Health

The descriptive text and 12 color photos on this 26- by 38-inch poster make it easy to identify areas that are healthy, at risk or unhealthy. Read More →

Indicators of Range Watershed Health

This 26- by 38-inch poster explains the importance of maintaining healthy watersheds on Texas rangelands. Read More →

Shock Chlorination of Wells

hock chlorination is a method of disinfecting a water well. This publication gives complete instructions for chlorinating with bleach or with dry chlorine. Read More →

Saltcedar: Biology and Management

This publication explains saltcedar biology and ecological impacts, water use and control strategies. Read More →

Irrigating Sorghum in South and South Central Texas

This publication explains the water needs for sorghum at different growth stages, the calculations to use to estimate its water requirements, and more! Read More →

Irrigation Water Quality

In this publication you’ll learn why well water can be salty, what problems salty water can cause, what tests should be done on irrigation water and more. Read More →