Conserving Residential Water Through 40 Gallon Challenge


40 Gallon Challenge for Texas

Economic Impact Brief (PDF)

AgriLife Extension challenges Texans to save 40 gallons of water daily

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Municipal water conservation is expected to account for approximately 7% of new water supplies by 2060, part of which would be achieved through education.

In 2011, Extension became involved in the 40 Gallon Challenge – a program that calls residents and businesses to reduce the region’s average water use by 40 gallons per household each day. The challenge initially began as a volunteer campaign to increase water conservation. Through the 40 Gallon Challenge program, AgriLife Extension has also provided residential water education to more than 1,050 people attending 80 programs in 89 Texas counties.

The economic benefit of the 40 Gallon Challenge program is measured in terms of water savings and water cost savings associated with new, efficient water-saving practices. Texas participants have indicated their intentions to adopt practices that would save millions of gallons of water annually—and more counties are implementing the program each week. Using an average municipal water price, the water cost savings to participants is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


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