Urban Water Program

The Urban Water Program office at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas combines many water conservation and quality professionals. We focus on the following components and can help you with these needs in your community.

Water Management for Urban Landscapes

  • Lawn and landscape water conservation
  • Irrigation system design and management
  • Rainwater harvesting, rain gardens, porous pavements, green roofs, and wetlands
  • In-home water conservation
  • Protecting our urban streams and reservoirs from erosion and sedimentation
  • Water and nutrient (fertilization) management in urban landscapes
  • Resource-Efficient landscapes
  • Use and management of alternate (reclaimed, recycled, poor quality) irrigation water sources for urban landscapes

Educational Gardens and Landscapes

  • Design and development of Resource-Efficient gardens and landscapes
  • Texas Master Gardener and Master Naturalist training

Website: http://dallas.tamu.edu/hot-topics/water/urban-water-program/

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