Onsite Waste Water Treatment Systems

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Faulty onsite waste water treatment systems are considered a significant source of the contaminants in 300 Texas stream segments that presently do not meet water quality standards.

In Texas alone, some two million onsite wastewater treatment systems exist, serving approximately 20 percent of the state’s population. About 35,000 new residential and business onsite treatment systems-also called septic systems or aerobic treatment systems-are installed annually in Texas. Proper operation and maintenance of these wastewater treatment systems is critical for protecting public health, as well as groundwater and surface-water resources.

AgriLife Extension has developed short courses and training centers to educate homeowners and improve the skills of installers, site evaluators, and designers of wastewater treatment systems.  The Onsite Wastewater Treatment Training Program is coordinating educational efforts in watersheds across the state.



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