Watering Your Lawn During Water Restrictions

You can follow water restrictions AND keep your lawn alive during hot summer months.

1. Make sure your irrigation system is working correctly

  • flag locations of all sprinkler heads on lawn
  • turn system on and make sure sprinkler heads are popping up and aimed correctly
  • turn off water and use a flathead screwdriver to pop up sprinkler head manually
  • clamp sprinkler head in up position
  • remove sprinkler head and wash with soap and water if necessary
  • reattach sprinkler head and re-aim sprinkler with system on

2. Mow your lawn taller

  • taller  grass encourages deeper root growth
  • taller grass shades the soil and reduces evaporation

3. Set your controller for cycle soak method

  • run multiple short cycles instead of one longer cycle
  • allows for deeper water penetration into heavy clay soils
  • target 6” water depth penetration in soil, test soil by using a 6” screwdriver

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